About Us

My Rare Films is a rare film collectors resource providing films and programmes that have never been released on digital disc, are out of copyright and considered being within the public domain.

If an item is known to be owned or otherwise, please contact MRF and the item will be removed from the site.

What you will receive when you place an order:

A white top printable dvd-r disc containing the film or programme you have ordered. There is no artwork, no box just a disc in lined paper sleeve with the title and the year of release written on it.

Please do not expect them to be of high digital quality as many films are transferred from vhs tape recordings, off-air tv broadcasts and so on. Each item on the site has an approximate quality grading guide, which you don’t usually get from other sellers.

Roughly as follows:

6-7.5/10 are of vhs tape recorder condition, 6/10 being the roughest ‘collectors only’ grade, just about watchable. 7/10+ are decent but show thei source limitations and are all that is known to be available.

Above 8/10 are the highest quality copies you can find, very good quality.