3-4-£10 – Halloween Special (set)




3-4-£10 – Halloween Special 
DVD set containing a disc of Supernatural short films + an amazing 1940’s tale of Voodoo and a scary Horror feature

DISC 1: Supernatural Tales (x4 short films)

The Girl From Willow Green – 1975
A motorist gives a lift to a young woman waiting at a bus stop but later learns that she was reported missing two years ago. He later sees her waiting at the same bus stop
Stars: Lesley Morris, Andrew Morris, Kay Lang, Bill Lang
Quality: 8/10
Dir: Gay Ashby
Genre: British Supernatural TV Short Film
The French Doors – 2001
A home renovator fits a set of second-hand french doors in a back room of his house. However, he soon discovers that light isn’t all they let in
Stars: Brett Stewart, Andrew Kovacevich
Quality: 7/10
Dir: Steve Ayson
Genre: New Zealand Supernatural/Horror TV Short Film
A Child’s Voice – 1978
A popular radio personality writes and broadcasts ghost stories over the air. He receives a strange call warning him not to finish his latest story, which is about a child who dies assisting in a magician’s show
Stars: T.P. McKenna, R.D. Smith, Stephen Brennan
Quality: 6.5/10
Dir: Kieran Hickey
Genre: Irish Supernatural TV Short Film
The Black Cat – 1995
The story takes place in a prison where a prisoner tells the tale of how he killed his wife to an inquisitor. Version of the Poe classic
Stars: David Kincaid, Clive Perrott, Mark Webb
Quality: 6.5/10
Dir: Rob Green
Genre: British Horror, TV Short Film

Disc 2

I Walked with a Zombie – 1943
A nurse is hired and travels to a Caribbean island to care for the wife of a sugar plantation owner, in this Val Lewton produced classic. Featuring terrific atmospherics from renowned director Jacques Tourneur
Stars: Frances Dee, Tom Conway, James Ellison
Quality: 9/10
Dir: Jacques Tourneur
Genre: US Voodoo Horror

Disc 3

The Blood Secret – 1971
After her prostitute mother is murdered, a teenage girl is sent to a remote orphanage run by a mysterious woman and her handyman, both whom she comes to suspect are hiding dark secrets
Stars: Gloria Grahame, Melody Patterson, Milton Selzer, Vic Tayback
Quality: 9/10, aka Blood and Lace
Dir: Philip ‘One Man and His Dog’ Gilbert
Genre: US Horror

Format: DVD discs only in paper sleeves. Plays UK, Europe, Australasia

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