The Evil Touch – 1973 (DVD Set)



The Evil Touch – 1973

An anthology horror, science fiction and mystery series hosted by Anthony Quayle between 1973-74
Stars: Anthony Quayle, Darren McGavin, Leslie Nielsen, Jack Thompson, Kim Hunter, many more
Quality: 6/10, rough print, x4 dvd discs
The Lake, The Upper Hand, Marci, Murder’s For The Birds
A Game Of Hearts, Heart To Heart, Scared To Death, Wings Of Death
Campaign 20, Happy New Year Aunt Carrie, Death By Dreaming, Dear Beloved Monster
The Obituary, Never Fool With A Gypsy, The Voyage, Kaidaitcha Country

Genre: Australian TV Series
Format: DVD, playable UK, Europe, Australasia (R2, R4)

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