Leap In The Dark – 1977, 1980 (Set 2)



Leap In The Dark – 1977-1980 (3 discs, Set 2)

Six dramatised supernatural episodes over x3 dvd discs. Brilliant stuff!

In The Mind’s Eye -1977 (Stars: Howard Goorney, Gillian Rhind, Chris Harris, Doane Collett)
Jack Be Nimble – 1980 (Stars: Lisa Vanderpump, Audrey Noble, Suzan Farmer, Colin Rix, Lynne Morgan, Sally Baxter)
Room For An Inward Light – 1980 (Stars: Brian Blessed, Carol Hawkins, Christopher Strauli)
To Kill A King – 1980 (Stars: Anthony Bate, Nicola Roch, Jonathan Elsom, Pauline Yates)
Poor Jenny – 1980 (Stars: Emma Jacobs, Heather Moray, Martin Potter, Jospeh O’Conor)
The Living Grave – 1980 (Stars: Lesley Dunlop, Ian Hogg, David Delve, Tony Doyle)

Quality: 7-8/10, good
Genre: British Supernatural TV Series

Format: DVD discs only in paper sleeves. Plays UK, Europe, Australasia

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