The Other One – 1946



The Other One – 1946

Dolores Del Rio plays a dual role as identical twins, one good and one very bad. Based on a Rian James thriller , it was remade with Bette Davis in America as Dead Ringer, but this is the best. There are even shades of Hitchcock’s Vertigo in the relationship between Maria turned Magadalena and her ex-suitor ; the last scene is so intense that it’s quite possible that the distraught man has finally discovered the horrible truth
Stars: Dolores Del Rio, Agustín Irusta, Víctor Junco, Conchita Carracedo
Quality: 8/10, subtitles, aka La Otra
Dir: Roberto Gavaldón
Genre: Mexican Film Noir, Crime Mystery

Format: DVD disc only in paper sleeve. Plays UK, Europe, Australasia

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