Play For Today: Orkney – 1971 + Bankrupt – 1972



Play For Today: Orkney – 1971
A trilogy of plays: A Time to Keep, The Whaler’s Return and Celia, explore the life of Orkney islanders, past and the present
Stars: Maurice Roëves, Claire Nielson, Gerry Slevin, Stuart Mungall, James Copeland, Jean Taylor-Smith, Hannah Gordon, Fulton MacKay, Robert James
Quality: 8/10
Dir: James MacTaggart
Play For Today: Bankrupt – 1972
Ellis is 50, bankrupt and showing signs of psychosis. He fantasises about killing his father, has dreams of the occult, and feels the only thing he can communicate with in life is a garden worm
Stars: Joss Ackland, Sheila Allen, David Waller, Peter Cellier, Bob Hoskins
Quality: 8.5/10
Dir: Christopher Morahan

Format: DVD disc only in lined paper sleeve. Plays UK, Europe, Australasia

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