The Return – 1973 / Seaton’s Aunt – 1983



The Return – 1973
Royds wants to buy a property that has been empty for twenty years and has a sinister past. He insists on spending the night in the wedding chamber. He dies from fright during an apparently solitary night-time vigil…
Stars: Peter Vaughan, Rosalie Crutchley
Seaton’s Aunt – 1983 (from the Shades Of Darkness series)
Walter De La Mare’s tale about a young boy, forced to live with his aunt after his parents die, who becomes convinced that she’s in league with the devil
Stars:  Mary Morris, Paul Herzberg, Peter Settelen

Quality: 6-7/10, both fairly rough prints
Genre: British Supernatural, TV short Films

Format: DVD-r disc in paper sleeve, plays in UK, Europe, Australasia

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