Shades Of Darkness – 1983/86 (set)



Shades Of Darkness – 1983/1986

Atmospheric Gothic Supernatural TV series bringing together six of the thirteen episodes made, on two discs:

The Lady’s Maid’s Bell; Afterward; The Maze
Bewitched; The Intercessor; The Demon Lover

Starring some of these: Norma West, Jeremy Kemp, Kate Harper, Joanna David, John Duttine, Mary Morris, Dorothy Tutin, Francesca Annis, James Bolam, Hugh Grant, June Brown, Arabella Weir, David Hargreaves, Charlotte Mitchell and many more!
Quality: 7.5/10, x2 discs
Genre: British TV, Supernatural Period Dramas

Format: DVD-r disc only in sleeve, plays in UK, Europe, Australia

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